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Tensile Test

Tensile test (Modulus, ultimate force/Stress, tensile strength - reduction in area) Following ISO, ASTM, ASME, API, AWS,…etc, ISS metallurgical lab introduces tensile test service using highly accurate machines, accuracy is within 0.5% over wide range of loads to ensure that our service covers all models of test required by different standards with different sample shapes, round, flat, or any other specific requirements

Chemical Composition

For any type of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous), ISS introduces its service for chemical composition analysis, with widest range of elements, including Carbon and Nitrogen percentage, using widest range of wavelength machine from 140-670 nm.

Compression Test

With High load and accurate machines, ISS introduces compression test service for various materials according to wide range of standards. Our machine accuracy and high capacity enable us to perform the compression test under various loads from small Kgf up to 150,000 Kgf.

Bending Test

Face, side, root, rebar and all types of bending test are performed in our robust, accurate equipments. Equipments used are calibrated and traceable to national institute of standards and technology (NIST).

Range of Other Tests

  • Hardness test:

    Micro, Macro & Knoop Vickers test

  • Flattening Test

    Our machine capacity enables us to perform flattening test for highest possible diameter, up to 750mm under various high loads up to 150,000 Kgf

  • Fracture Test

    As per different standards using compression machine to ensure the stability of fracture and to ensure that the surface has not been affected by manual hammering

  • Paint Test

    Paint thickness, Lead contents in Zn coat, Mass weight test, Total coating thickness

    * Micro structure analysis
    * Macro examination
    * Peel test
    * Hydrogen induced crack
    * Nonferrous composition using EDXRF machine
  • Impact Test

    Charpy and Izode throughout different ranges of temperature

  • Proof Load Test

    Our machine capacity enables us to perform proof load test for highest loads up from 3KN to 1500 KN with high accuracy ± 0.5%

  • Nick Break test

    As per different standards

  • And other more mechanical tests:

    To ensure delighting of our clients we introduce full service starting from sample collection, machining of samples, testing, reporting, up to after servicing and client feedback.